Football Betting Systems

You will have heard talk about football betting systems, but are they actually worthwhile? Many professional gamblers use a variety of systems to try and get the best return on their investment, and there are several ways to do so. Remember, what is considered a successful betting system is not a guarantee of winnings – no bet is absolutely risk-free.

Over 0.5 Goals per Match – Spread Betting

Bear with us, as this may seem complex to start with, but is actually a simple system. Many online bookmakers offer a variety of spread bets; these are those in which you choose a range from minimum to maximum for the number of goals scored. There is a fair bit of homework required, but for anyone who follows the season there is plenty of information you can use.

Let's say you see a game between two teams that you fancy; look at the statistics of their last few games. What you are looking for is a match in which neither team is prone to 0-0 draws. This means the likelihood of a goal being scored – or more than one – is higher than a scoreless draw.

Now, have a look at the odds your bookmaker is offering on the more than 0.5 goals result; you will find, of course, that the odds are particularly low. However, it is a very likely winning bet, so putting a higher stake on this, rather than a lower one on many other matches, is more likely to return you a profit.

Before you do, however, take a look at the odds for 1.5 goals or more; for this, of course, you need two goals at least in the game, but the return on your bet will be greater. It's a system that is used by professionals to great effect, and could be worth looking at.

Undervalued Bets

Bookmakers are prone to undervalue some outcomes in order to entice punters to place bets. This can be a good way of getting higher odds that you actually deserve. You need a basic understanding of statistics – although the online site Statarea offers free statistics on football matches for this purpose – and a keen eye.

Let's say there is a match between two teams, one of which is valued by the bookie as the odds-on favourite, the other of which is a 4/1 shot. That is a 20% chance of a win. However, you may see that the actual statistics, based on previous games and current form, give the team a 40% chance of winning. Therefore, the odds of the win are very much underrated, making this an excellent opportunity for a decent return on your money.

As with all such systems it is not infallible, but by not taking the bookmakers odds as true statistical percentage chances, you are extending your options to win.

These are just two of many systems that can be applied to football, and there are many more.