Football Betting Tips

Betting on football adds fun to the game and may earn you a little bit of money, but you should always remember there is a risk involved in all forms of gambling. If somebody gives you a dead-cert tip for a certain match you should be aware there is no such thing; minnows often beat the bigger teams against the odds – it's part and parcel of the beautiful game!

Let's have a look at some good advice when gambling on a football match:

•  Know your budget – if you are going to gamble you have to know how much you can afford, and you have to be prepared to lose it. This applies for all sports, not just football. Allocate yourself a budget in advance, and sort out an idea of where you are going to place it, and do not go beyond that limit. It's often tempting, when you have lost, to find some money from somewhere else to try and recoup your losses, but it rarely works.

•  Know your teams – there's no point picking two names at random; you may win, and feel you've found a great way of betting, but you won't next time. If you are going to bet on football, make sure you know what you are talking about, and look for the more likely outcomes.

•  Keep emotions at bay – it is difficult to back against your favourite team, but what if you really believe they don't stand a chance? Galling it may be, but betting is, in the end, about trying to make money, and it might be that your instincts are right.

•  Decide your strategy – some gamblers prefer to chance the lot on an outsider; this is a very risky strategy that may pay out handsomely but, in the grand scheme of things, is unlikely to. This is, after all, why the bookies have allocated that particular option long odds, and the bookies will have done their homework. A better option is to look for smaller odds, as they are considered the more likely winners.

•  Exert self control – a winning streak is pure chance; it doesn't mean you are suddenly lucky and cannot go wrong. Many people, when winning a lot, feel they are infallible and start raising their bets. This is an easy way to lose money. Furthermore, of all you are doing is losing, take a break.

•  Remember that in football there is a third option – the draw. This is an important point as it plays into the bookies hands; many punters overlook this.

Some great tips there, and when we're talking of tips, remember what we said at the beginning: there'll always be someone wanting to tell you they have a certainty for you: they don't. Trust your instincts, stick with what you know, and you stand a better chance of success.