Football Apps

Now that everyone has a smartphone it has become the primary method of keeping up with the world. This applies to football, too, and there are many apps now available that every football fan should know about. Here are a few that we feel deserve a mention.

A football app for everyone

Live Football on TV – iPhone owners will love this! It's an app that, at the touch of a button, tells you any day of the week where you can find football on television, who is playing, and at what time. Now that football is played just about every day, you never need to miss a match.

Bantr – an excellent concept that is gaining users all the time, Bantr is like being at the game without doing so, and allows you to chat with fellow fans of a particular match. Select your chosen game, and keep up with what is happening and what everyone is saying in real time. Available for iOS users.

Live Score Addicts – this great app is packed with detail and offers access to live scores in many leagues across the world. Use it on Android or iOS powered machines, and there is even a tailored version for the iPad, which is very nice indeed. You can customise notifications to you heart's desire, and know what is going on in the football world at all times.

New Star Soccer – a game rather than an information app, New Star Soccer is a fun drag and kick role playing soccer game with a charming retro look. It is surprisingly addictive, and available on iOS and Android.

FourFourTwo Football Stats Zone – an amazingly detailed statistics centre that will have iPhone users enthralled, this one is for the real football geek and offers detailed analysis of games and players – great for betting, in fact.

Football League Official Clubs App – player profiles, details, news and statistics from teams outside the Premier League can be accessed simply with this excellent free app for iOS and Android, and for a small additional fee you can gain access to much more information including interviews, details of stadiums and videos.

These great apps are well worth downloading if you love football, and some of them can help if you are assessing you next bets!