Football bets

Betting on football is not a new concept, but the way we can bet now that online exchanges have come into the picture has changed considerably in recent years. You might want to place a bet on the final score; you will get better odds for the more unusual score lines – those with bigger margins and more goals – than you will on 1-0, for example. You can also bet on the half time score, and take a punt on the first scorer.

More complex bets include naming the first scorer and the half time score, or predicting that a team will come back to win after being down at half time. Both high street and online bookmakers will offer you a wide variety of betting options, and they may also offer some specials.

Betting in-play is another option – we will explain in more detail a little later on – and adds to the interest, while some like to place a bet at the beginning of the season, as to who will win particular leagues or tournaments. The choice is vast, and the possibilities endless.

Where to place a football bet

It's also worth noting that online exchanges are different to traditional bookmakers; with an exchange you are betting against other punters, rather than on fixed odds set by the bookmaker. It makes things far more flexible. For information, here's a brief look at some of the major players in the online market.

Betfair – one of the market leaders in the online betting world, Betfair offers a variety of specials on selected games and tournaments, including money back deals and enhanced odds. Placing a bet is simple, and Betfair accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit or debit cards and Paypal. There are opportunities to bet in-play, and often they will offer enticing deals for new members. Popular and well-run, Betfair remains one of the most used betting sites on the internet.

Bet365 – another leading site that covers a wide variety of sports, Bet365 has many impressive football offers, great incentives to join and some interesting deals. A worldwide player in the field – many such sites are UK-oriented – Bet365 has become rightfully established as a sensible option for betting online on a variety of sports.

William Hill – the established high street bookmaker offers an impressive online site with many excellent offers. They offer guaranteed top prices on some matches plus a variety of deals, and incentives to join – as with others – come in the form of cash refunds and extra bets for the price. Used as a traditional bookmaker but on the internet, William Hill can be an excellent choice.

Ladbrokes – another high street name transferred to the internet, Ladbrokes offers a similar package to William Hill with online betting on a variety of matches, great deals and special offers, decent joining incentives and some very neat and clever user options.

Bet at Home – one of the most popular sites in Europe, Bet at Home offers excellent football deals and some very attractive joining incentives. Look for specials that promise higher payouts, in-play betting options and much more. Easy to use and subject to some very positive reviews, this one is fast becoming a favourite for many.

Those are just five of the more popular football betting sites, and there are many more. Find a reputable exchange or bookmaker, bet responsibly, and you have added excitement when watching the game.